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  • An Ideal Solution for Alternate Site Infusion Therapy

    The 4000 Clinical Management System (CMS) is a unique, multi-therapy ambulatory electronic infusion pump capable of Continuous, PCA, PCEA, Subcutaneous, TPN, Intermittent, and Variable modes. Application flexibility provides the ability to meet your specific workflow needs. Access to actionable reports and detailed infusion information enhances device performance. Ability to deliver at low rates with a flow resolution that is up to 25 times better than any other ambulatory pump on the market.

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  • Improving Enteral Therapy Through Better Feeding Schedule Compliance

    The EnteraLite Infinity enteral feeding pump allows both pediatric and adult tube fed patients the ability to maintain a normal lifestyle, resulting in increased compliance with prescribed feeding regimens. Maintains +/- 5% accuracy at any flow rate and when operated in any orientation, allowing patients to comply exactly with prescribed feeding regimens. The pump is easily carried in a custom-designed carry pack for extended use, resulting in fewer limitations to a patient's normal lifestyle and increased feeding schedule compliance.

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  • CRI’s Tech-One Preventative Maintenance and Repair Program

    Our team of bio-technicians provide annual preventive maintenance and repairs on all medical devices. With some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, CRI saves you money on potential rentals and helps you to maintain your inventory.

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