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Cadd 6400 Legacy One

Smiths Medical

Pump Resolution: 0.050 ml per pump stroke nominal
Dimensions: 1.6″ D x 3.8″ W x 4.4″ H excluding cassette
Weight: 13.8 oz including 2 AA batteries and empty 100 ml reservoir
Power Source: 2 AA alkaline batteries or AC Adapter
System Delivery Accuracy: ±6% nominal
Maximum Infusion Pressure: 40.0 psi
Maximum Time to Occlusion Alarm: 2.0 hours
Delivery Rate During Priming: approximately 180 ml/hr
Reservoir Volume: 1-9999 or Not in Use, programmable in 1 ml increments, displayed in 0.1 ml increments
Continuous Rate: 1-3000 ml/24 hr; programmable in 1 ml/24 hr increments
Given: 0-99999.95 in 0.05 ml increments