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TCBIVF0802 - Disp IV Pole

TrueCare Biomedix

The streamlined, Disposable Floor/Tabletop Convertible IV Poles are a sturdy, cost-effective and quality alternative to the traditional method of maintaining an IV pole inventory. The lightweight, efficient folding design and ability to leave pole with patients eliminates the hassles of tracking, pick-ups, cleaning, tagging, storage and shipping—plus, patients are assured of 

exclusive use.

  • Streamlined, sturdy construction
  • Cost-effective, quality alternative to permanent inventory
  • Efficient folding design alleviates the hassle and costs of pick-ups, shipping and storage
  • Exclusive patient use
  • Equipped with three masts (up to 75") for conversion to 
    floor or tabletop
  • Made of recyclable materials